I Am My Definition Of A Woman

I am strength, I am power
I stand strong like a stone built tower

I am a wife , I am a mother
My love unmeasured, like raindrops from a shower

I am a supporter, I am the companion
Molded by God from the rib of Adam

I am Eve, I am Hannah
Singing holy praises, Hallelujah, Hosanna!

I am a overcomer, I dare to struggle
Fighting to transcend any obstacle

I am meek, I am mild
I am the teacher of a child

I am charity, I am compassion
Out Pouring love upon the horizon

I am inamorata, I am honor
That ripened fruit that holds value

I am sexual, I am sensual
Igniting flames of love, I am unforgettable

I am a disciple, a spiritual forever
I am connected by faith to a Higher Power

I am from life
I have given birth to life

I am made from love
I have been blessed from up above

I am also human, this is who I am
I am my definition of a woman


Alison N Turner-Lewis (Ucalison)
© ANL 2017

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