My Heart, Your Promise

As I lay my heart upon this floor
I give you all of me
Promise to lead me to a safer shore
And take my hand willingly

As I place my heart in your hands
I give you my everything
Promise by my side you will always stand
From this day, forever and herein

As I open my heart to you
I give you all that I am
Promise to forever remain true
As we walk into the life we have planned

As I promise your heart to hold
I give you this ring upon your finger
Promise to still love me when I grow old
And by my side forever linger

As I now give my heart to you
I beg you to protect it
Promise to bid all the past adieu
As we make this our commitment

As I entwine your heart with mine
Life opens a brand new door
Promise rays of love will forever shine
Building the foundation for our evermore


Alison N Turner-Lewis (Ucalison)

© ANL 2017

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