Watching As Fools Raise Knives.


Flying high taking new strides
Walking in my own positivity
Watching, as fools raise knives
I succeed in cutting myself free


Not phased by the obstacles
Strategically placed before me
Scribing chronicles
Moving to create history


Never called to fight
Thrown in, head first into life’s choppy seas
Battling, wading on through my plight
Sodden, I rise up from my knees


With strength on my side
My anger cooled by the breeze
Undefeated in strife
Gifted to succeed


That thirst for life
Quenched by foresight
Standing strong, I hold onto that knife
Walking from the darkness into the light


Alison N Turner-Lewis (Ucalison)

© ANL 2017

“Fools take a knife and stab people in the back the wise take a knife cut the cord and free themselves from the fools ” ~ Unknown

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