Misery’s Cycle

Crying out , questioning, wanting to understand
Why misery chooses to ride life’s merry-go-round
Drapery like, blocking the light
Stifling, as it squeezes even the darkness out of the night
Smiles erased, frowns add in lines
Hollowed out in thoughtlessness, emptied minds
Like voices eyes weep, speaking
Peeping in through the soul’s windows, bequeathing
Requesting answers only words can give
Left speechless whilst words are held captive
Shades of melancholy bursting from the clouds
Thunderous bursts of silence shout out so loud
Tirelessly searching for an opening
Piecing things together, basking in it, hoping

Grey clouds hang seamlessly creating bad weather
Alternate seasons never making the skies clearer
Painting pictures covering the cracks
As the dampness dries out, it all reverts back
What once was hidden, now lays exposed
Scattered around, sitting, left to decompose
Emptiness is not to be considered commodious
Without trace, a blank canvass, left odourless
Unable to wipe away the stains of gloom
Locked in the depths of a darkened tomb
Revealing each unanswered question
Starting misery’s cycle all over again
By: Alison N Tuner-Lewis (Ucalison)
© ANL 2017

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