A Woman`s Folly


When his love is on the decline
Despair manifests in her eyes
A heart beats rapidly on the inside
Her forehead set with deep frown lines
Sighs endlessly rising from a heaving chest
Damn those awful sagging breasts!
The audacity of aging
He remains so disengaging
So much disrespect
Yet, it has no adverse effect
Though tears run like an endless river flowing
Still she holds on so tightly, knowing
All hope slides down a slippery slope
Whilst her love out pours, like money for old rope
Gray streaks dancing in her hair
If only she could make him care
Varicose veins outline the past upon her legs
Falling to her knees, she pleads and begs
Woman! His love has lost its glow
He walked away from you, please, just let him go!
He never realized your true worth
Knowing you would move the heavens and the earth
No way of scrubbing away age`s affliction
Love to you became an addiction
He replaced you with a younger model
One who will never know your struggle
Stretch marked torso and a heart heavily bruised
No one knows your pain, only you
Holding on to false hope like a child holds a dolly
Seeking comfort in hope is a woman’s folly


By: Alison N Turner-Lewis (Ucalison)
© ANL 2017

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