A Private Affair


God speaks to me privately to let me know He is there
He does not shout out loud but deep down I know He cares

When I walk along dark pathways, He enlightens me always
Bringing me back from whence I came
Shining favour along life’s hallways

He is my redeemer, my guiding light and advisor
He opens my eyes, fills my being and upon awakening I am wiser

Though fallen angels chip away beneath the ground
Trying in earnest to break me down
He builds me up and makes me strong There is not one thing that can break our bond

Rain storm clouds hang heavily
My shoulders are often so laden, I stand wearily
Yet, He reaches for me, taking my hand He carries me to where I am bound

When life places mountains in my path
He carves out walkways for me to pass
I am never alone when He’s around
He speaks to me without making a sound

Though some choose to scream His name
My call on Him remains the same
My time with my Lord is a private affair
I do not need to cry out for him to know that I am here


By: Alison Tuner-Lewis

© 2017 ANL

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