Jesus Covers Me

Jesus covers me because I am His
He never stopped loving me because I have sinned
I was born out of love
Carried in the arms of angels, from high up above
My heavenly life with Him erased
My family tasked with driving me to His praise
Although so much time has elapsed
Jesus is my present and not just my past
As I trod through life’s vast landscape,
I often get lost in all this grand space
He always pulls me back keeping me safe
With Him at my side, how could I lose my way
He takes my hand and guides me each day
When hunger calls, He tops up my plate
When I call upon Him, He opens the gate
When my spirit is low, He lifts me up
Driving me forward, He fills my cup
To Him I declare my love unconditional
Within His presence and His Grace I am placed upon life’s highest pinnacle


By: Alison N Turner-Lewis

© 2017 ANL

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