A wife, mother,  housewife, entrepreneur,  lover of things semi-precious, nature and country life, writing my way into self discovery.  I write for therapy, release and passion. Writing out my anger, thoughts, despair or love is to me the best therapy.  Each day for me carries new inspiration, be it my life or as I look through another persons spectacles.  I see myself as a sponge, soaking in my surroundings, my musings are the result of being squeezed to quenching thirsty minds of my children.

“I grow tired of holding it all in so I decided sharing is the best way to let go of all the demons within”

This is my truth as I see it, my opinions may not be shared by the masses.

 My views are my own and I stand alongside them.

This is who I am  U (You) C (see) Alison


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    1. Thank you so much I am having a battle with my wifi so I’ve been unable to post. But as soon as I have it all remedied I will look at all that I have missed. It’s all part and parcel of living in a third world country:)!

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