Author: U C Alison

A mother and a jewellery designer. Email:

Jesus Covers Me

“Jesus covers me because I am His
He never stopped loving me because I have sinned”


A Private Affair

My time with my Lord is a private affair
I do not need cry out for him to know that I am here

The Shades of Lies

Being deceitful or lying to our fellowman is not really as simple as the shades of black, white or gray. Lies regardless of their depth in shade, are often fundamental in causing harsh affects to the either the perpetrator or the victim or even both.

Juggling Friendship

All relationships in our lives should have two-way faith, our differences should only make us individual and be one of the added bonuses that keeps those bonds alive. We have to learn to live our lives without fearing what others think and just be to the best of our ability.