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The Shades of Lies

Being deceitful or lying to our fellowman is not really as simple as the shades of black, white or gray. Lies regardless of their depth in shade, are often fundamental in causing harsh affects to the either the perpetrator or the victim or even both.

Juggling Friendship

All relationships in our lives should have two-way faith, our differences should only make us individual and be one of the added bonuses that keeps those bonds alive. We have to learn to live our lives without fearing what others think and just be to the best of our ability.


The park creates nothing short of perfection for any eco tourist or nature lover alike, allowing one the opportunity to enjoy the bounty of what the cooler temperatures of the infamous Blue and John Crow Mountains have on offer.

Turtle River Falls and Gardens

The Gardens are dominated by the breath-taking waterfalls on the Turtle River which run south to north throughout the Gardens. There is a nature walk with a wide variety of local plants scattered throughout creating a jungle like atmosphere.

Men Are From Mars!

The journey home was a long one, as I gazed out the window feeling a little forlorn. As I stared out the window nothing looked familiar. I then realized that I had taken the bus going in the wrong direction!